Erin McPhee is a freelance art director, designer and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. She applies her skills of empathy, observation, and curiosity to all of her professional and personal projects. She is particularly interested in identifying problems within systems, and working collaboratively to imagine and enact solutions. Since graduating with honours from Sheridan College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Illustration, she has worked with a variety of clients. These include (but are not limited to):


Underline Studio
Studio Wyse
Stack Creative


Cineplex Magazine
The Medical Post
Today’s Parent
Quill & Quire Magazine


With/out Pretend
The Vault


If this doesn’t impress you, please consider her Additional Accolades:
— Amateur ceramic and textile artist (2018 — present)
— Completed Doggie Basics training course with her companion (August 2019)
— Successfully repotted all of her house plants (2019 — present)

email: erin.i.mcphee@gmail.com 
Instagram: @erinmcphee